While Milan Fashion Week attracts the attention of women’s fashion, the watchmaker Hublot makes events and shows new models.

On 20 February the brand announced in Milan its new partnership with Lapo Elkan, Founder and Creative Director of the new Garage Italia hub and Italia Independent. Quoting Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot: “If they asked all the motoring enthusiasts to imagine the place of their dreams, they would design Garage Italia.This place is magic, the man I am today and the boy I once was. I can dream of materials, high-speed … Becoming a master craftsman creating my product, everything is possible here! It is this culture of unlimited possibilities and creativity that unites Hublot and Garage Italia and that’s why I’m so excited about everything that awaits us I can not wait! “. The partnership will offer the public new models of wristwatches with attractive and innovative materials, born from the research and creativity of Garage Italia in combination with the technology of the Hublot movement.

Party to Turin, the brand then relaunched another partnership, this time with the Old Lady of Italian football: Juventus. At the Stadium of the Piedmontese capital, Hublot celebrated with the team the renewal of the collaboration with the Juventus team until 2021. The occasion was sealed by the presentation of the new Hublot: the Classic Fusion Chronograph Juventus, limited edition watch proposed, of course, in black and white. Chosen as official Juventus timekeeper and official watch from the 2012/2013 season, Hublot thus signs a new chapter in its partnership with the team by winning a place on the honorary stand of football and international style.

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