Jay Chou is the new entry in the TUDOR Ambassadors world. With the new collection TUDOR 1926, it’s his turn to represent the spirit of TUDOR: “Born to Dare”.

And he does that very well.

Born in Taiwan, son of a musician, Jay Chou has always had music in his blood. He plays piano since he was four, and he also plays the Cello, keeping always Chopin as an inspiration.
He founded his own record company in 2007, the JVR, becoming a music innovation pioneer, thanks at the creation of a new genre that mixes styles like R&B and the electronic music, with the Asian music: the “Chou’s style”.
Author, songwriter and director of many music videos, Jay Chou is the symbol of the spirit of TUDOR “Born to Dare”: he is always open to new challenges, like becoming an actor, in fact he took part of several Hollywood movies. But his biggest passion is and will always be music, in fact, after the experience as an actor, he went back to his music career crossing over to the Asian charts with his new album.
He is also known to be the ambassador of the Fubon Charity Foundation, a foundation that takes care of the education of needy and disabled children.

Perfectly aligned with the brand philosophy, Jay Chou has been chosen to represent the new collection: TUDOR 1926. A new family of mechanical watches, elegant and with a timeless flair.
The name of the collection, 1926, it’s a reference of the year of “The Tudor” creation, by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. The collection is made by classic and elegant watches for him and for her, made in four different size to satisfy the needs of everyone: 28mm, 36mm, 39mm and 41mm.

This collection has a wide choice of dials, available in silver, black and opaline and characterized by a rounded dial that adds a vintage touch.

They are decorated in the center and they have a design that stands out in relief and that goes against the smooth surface of the minutes. Also the Arabic numbers on the dial are applied in relief. It’s also possible to choose a version of the watch with diamonds.

This watch was made to give exceptional performances in every occasion: from a fancy night to a day in extreme environments. That’s why the case is waterproof up to 100 meters.

You can find the entire collection at the Baggio Luxury boutique. For more information: info@baggioluxury.com