Expressing Differences


In 2015 Baggio Luxury launches BGO, a project designed to satisfy the tastes and new companies of the panorama on the international scene to become a brand. Dedicated to those born between the 80s and 90s, those that the market identifies as Generation Y, BGO89 is dedicated to young people who love to travel, know and live in a vibrant and interconnected global world while remaining in the consciousness of their singularity. For them, made in Italy accessories have been made with an essential design and a refined look … in short: cosmopolitan. Glasses, hats, travel bags, backpacks, handbags, briefcases, cufflinks and scarves … a myriad of men, women and unisex proposals in limited series to give space to the future and creativity of young designers who participate in the BGO89 project in order to express their very personal point of view.

Today, Tomorrow

The project quickly gathered the interest of Asian media and young people. And while the most popular products are sunglasses and eyeglasses, new dressing solutions are continually developed by a team of young and passionate designers. Each approved project becomes a prototype and is displayed in the Shanghai showroom, a destination for the continent's fashion buyers.